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    • 24 Jun 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    June is e-learning month!  In collaboration with the Central Pennsylvania ATD chapter we are offering four lunchtime sessions on hot topics in e-learning.

    e-learning concept

    If you registered for this event and misplaced your Zoom log in link,
    contact the chapter VP for Programming for assistance.

    Series Overview

    June 3 Using Mentimeter for Engaging Displays of Learner Input during Virtual Sessions

    Speaker: Paul Young is a partner and senior consultant at Dering Consulting Group in Camp Hill.

    June 10 Next Phase Instruction

    Speaker: Kelly Donaldson, Ph.D student of Instructional Design at Northcentral University, currently working at RB Retail & Service Solutions

    June 17  OnDemand - A New Approach to Professional Development

    Speaker: Steve Riccio is a  Senior Consultant and a senior lecturer in the International Business & Management department at Dickinson College.

    June 24 (Bad) Video Killed the L&D Star

    Speaker: Becca Argenbright, Senior Instructional Designer, SAP

    June 3 Using Mentimeter for Engaging Displays of Learner Input during Virtual Sessions

    Virtual training delivery has quickly jumped to the forefront as companies evolve to a post-pandemic workplace. As trainers and talent development professionals, finding tools to engage your learners and audiences is essential for program and meeting success.  Many find themselves asking questions like these:

    • How do you use learner feedback during your virtual sessions?
    • How do you create meaningful graphic displays of learner feedback on-the-fly?
    • How do you capture learner engagement data for use after a virtual session?

    In this lunch n’ learn, you will be introduced to Mentimeter. This online tool allows you to develop and deploy surveys and polls in your program to keep learners engaged in their own professional development. Using app-free, smartphone technology, learners simply go to a URL and respond to your designed questions in the moment. And the collected results are converted to high quality displays of the results that learners will appreciate.

    Note: Please have your smartphone handy for this session, as we will be using it during the lunch n’ learn.

    ATD Capabilities:

    • Training Delivery and Facilitation
    • Technology Application  


    Paul Young is a partner and senior consultant at Dering Consulting Group in Camp Hill. His areas of expertise include organization development, change management and leadership development. He has conducted hundreds of classroom and virtual workshops over his tenure with Dering.

    Paul is our current ATD Central PA past-president and has presented at Association for Talent Development (ATD) Chapter events. His presentations included an evening program for the Central PA Chapter; and he presented as a breakout presenter at the Capital Region - NY ATD Chapter Annual Summit in May, 2019.

    June 10 Next Phase Instruction

    As companies continue to adjust to new working environments, the shift to eLearning is changing training departments all over the world.  Instructional designers should know the tools available to them, how to plan strategically, and the best models to fit their learning plan.  In this Lunch & Learn program, learners will investigate some of the tools available to create elearning, trending topics in the ID world, adult learning theory, and best practices on scheduling out projects for both new eLearning modules, and updating existing training modules. 

    ATD Capabilities:

    • Learning Sciences
    • Instructional Design


    Kelly Donaldson Kelly Donaldson is a Ph.D. student of Instructional Design at Northcentral University. She possesses an extensive background in project management, education, and corporate training where she consistently displayed a desire to excel. With a passion for education and instruction, Kelly combines her customer service background with expertise in learning science to help clients meet their training goals.  She currently works at RB Retail & Service Solutions, where she aids clients in implementing business management software by helping them navigate change, learn the program, and devise a training plan for their business to ensure success.  Kelly has taught internationally at both a corporate and K-12 level.

    June 17 OnDemand - A New Approach to Professional Development

    The need for stronger hybrid learning has long been a call from talent development professionals. Traditional LMS’s have surely assisted training teams in deploying and tracking completion of asynchronous learning experiences. However, many of these systems fall short in aiding us to develop stronger hybrid learning.  Many find themselves asking questions like these:

    • How do you extend learning and connection to facilitators and subject matter experts beyond the classroom (and virtual classroom)?
    • How do you embed micro-learning as part of your program strategy?
    • How do you embed asynchronous social learning with your online content?

    The answers may lie in a truly hybrid learning approach called OnDemand.

    In this session, you will be introduced to a new approach to professional development supported, not by an LMS; but rather, by a learning experience platform. OnDemand is an approach developed by Dering and supported by a different type of technology that focuses both on micro- and social learning. As a participant you will learn the philosophy and approach to OnDemand professional development and receive a tour of the online tool used to support it.


    ATD Capabilities:

    • Training Delivery and Facilitation
    • Technology Application  



    As Senior Consultant, Steve Riccio’s responsibilities include supporting client needs through strategy, organizational development, training and coaching solutions and services. Steve is also a senior lecturer in the International Business & Management department at Dickinson College.

    Prior to teaching, Steve served as the associate vice president of human resources at Dickinson. Steve received his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is a certified professional coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and has more than 600 hours of experience coaching leaders across all industries.

    June 24 (Bad) Video Killed the L&D Star

    To quote the Buggles: “Video killed the radio star.” Radio stars aren’t the only ones at risk! A bad video can kill even the greatest learning and development (L&D) rock star. Now, if you’re thinking, “That’s a bit overdramatic...” well, you’re right.

    Bad videos might not kill you, but they certainly CAN derail an e-learning—or ANY form of learning. Don’t let it happen to yours! Join this session for tips that will help keep your videos polished.

    We’ll start with a discussion on when to use video (and when not to). Sometimes it’s a no-brainer, but other times it’s not so clear. Maybe it’s what your stakeholders want, but it’s not necessarily what your learners need. Maybe it’s a nice-to-have, but not a must-have. No matter what: you need to be certain that it’s worth the effort to produce.

    After we cover use cases, we’ll delve into some best practices for designing and implementing videos. Video production is an art form itself, distinct from the L&D world. Though we couldn’t possibly come close to addressing every aspect of creating videos in forty-five minutes, we’ll have plenty of time to uncover some best practices for making them accessible, engaging, and future-proof.

    Before we conclude, we’ll briefly discuss three video production tools: Camtasia, Kaltura, and Vyond. These are three of countless production tools, each offering a different capability for your DIY videos, SME-produced content, and animations.  


    • Identify use cases for video in asynchronous or hybrid learning
    • Discuss best practices for video in asynchronous or hybrid learning
    • Discover common tools for producing videos



    Becca ArgenbrightBecca Argenbright is a senior instructional designer for SAP. Like so many, she stumbled into the learning and development (L&D) world accidentally and quickly found herself at-home. Since 2011, she’s held various L&D roles and served distinct audiences at SAP: both external customers and internal employees across customer support, implementation services, and sales organizations.

    In that time, video has been a fairly constant deliverable among Becca’s projects, regardless of the job title, audience, or stakeholder. She’s lost track of the exact number of videos that she’s produced, but she’d guess it to be at least 100 (and she tends to guess low on those “How many M&Ms are in this jar?” contests, for what it’s worth).

    Starting out with little background experience, Becca found herself with plenty of learning opportunities, either based on learner and peer feedback, content management needs, or academic pursuits. She’s eager to share her lessons learned with you in this session.

    Becca lives in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. When she’s not working, she’s usually either outside somewhere with her husband, fawning over her two spoiled cats, or tending to her small jungle of house plants.


    • 07 Jul 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom webinar

    If you registered for this event and misplaced your Zoom log-in link,
    contact the chapter VP for Programming for assistance.

    ATD Capabilities Model

    Building Personal Capability: Project Management

    Developing Professional Capability: Instructional Design

    Impacting Organizational Capability:  Future Readiness


    About the Program

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a project's lengthy list of tasks? Do you work with SMEs, stakeholders, or other individuals as part of your projects? Is it important for you to know who is responsible for what on a project? As instructional designers, trainers, project managers, project sponsors, and other roles on an education project team, we are responsible for people, tasks, and outcomes, but how can we keep track of so many inputs and details? 

    In this session, we will focus on the Scrumban methodology, which is a subset of Agile. Agile has been used for decades in software engineering, but is newer to the instructional design field. It doesn't require any special software to use or financial investment of any kind; just a willingness to learn a new approach that may restore your sanity!  

    As prework, please watch two videos that will take 10 minutes to view:

    1. What is Agile project management? 

    2. What is Scrumban? 


    About the Speaker

    Kim Currykosky

    Kim Currykosky, M.Ed.

    Director, Field Employee Training

    Kim joined the Omnicell team in 2005 as a technical trainer and instructional designer. In her tenure with the organization, she has established numerous customer and employee training programs, implemented training systems, managed employee training events, and worked to continuously improve the quality of training deliverables. Before joining Omnicell, Kim was an instructional design consultant for the pharmaceutical industry. Kim has 20 years of experience in the training facilitation and course development fields and is passionate about providing world-class programs to learners.


    Kim has presented at ATD’s TechKnowledge conference and previously served as secretary of ATD Pittsburgh. She has earned certifications in ROI, evaluating learning impact, effective test design & delivery, project management, podcasting, and synchronous learning from ATD and a certification in engaging training from Leadership Strategies. She has a Master of Education in Instructional Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from The Pennsylvania State University. Kim lives with her husband, two boys, and several family pets in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.


    • 14 Jul 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 08 Dec 2021
    • (EST)
    • 6 sessions
    • Zoom webinar

    Welcome to the multi-chapter ATD Executive Education Series sponsored by the Pittsburgh, Eastern PA, and Philadelphia ATD chapters. 

    Every 2nd Wednesday of each month this year, we'll be presenting a thought leader in executive education coming from our most prestigious academic institutions and organizations across the state.

    These Zoom webinar events are intended for organizational leaders who view talent management, organizational development and training from the C-suite impact.  If you're a leader in your organization, network with like minded individuals and learn how others in similar roles are driving talent in their organizations.

    We will add speaker names and background information as they are confirmed.

    If you registered for this event and misplaced your Zoom log in link,
    contact the chapter VP for Programming for assistance.

    Next Event: July 14

    “A Dynamic Decision-Making Framework for Human Behavior”

    About the talk

    According to traditional dual-process theory, human decision-making consists of two competing sides: the emotional, impulsive side and the logical, deliberate side. People tend to primarily utilize their emotions to make a decision, and only occasionally use their logical side to override these impulses.

    However, Vinod Venkatraman takes a more nuanced and comprehensive approach and argues that there are multiple processes that launch simultaneously when faced with a decision, and a number of factors, including context, memory and emotions, have an influence on the eventual process and resulting outcome.

    About the speaker

    Vinod Venkatraman Dr. Vinod Venkatraman is currently an Associate Professor in Marketing, and Director of the Center for Applied Research in Decision Making at the Fox School of Business, Temple University. He also holds a secondary affiliation with the Department of Psychology at Temple University. Dr. Venkatraman joined Temple in July 2011 after completing his PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University. His research involves the use of behavioral, eye tracking, neurophysiological and neuroimaging methodologies to study the effects of context, state, and individual traits on decision preferences. A core emphasis of his research is in the application of findings from the laboratory to real-world decisions in the areas of consumer financial decision making, public policy, and marketing communications.

    Dr. Venkatraman received the Early Career Award from the Society of Neuroeconomics in 2016 for his contributions to the area of neuroeconomics and decision neuroscience. His research has been published in leading scientific journals including Journal of Marketing ResearchJournal of Neuroscience, Neuron, and Journal of Consumer Psychology, and featured in popular media outlets including BBC, Forbes, NPR, LA Times, and Newsweek. Several of his recent research projects have been funded through grants and collaborations with the industry. He is currently pursuing his sabbatical with the Global Science Organization at IPSOS in an effort to bridge the academia-industry gap and make research more accessible for business applications.

    • 09 Sep 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 30 Nov 2021
    • (EST)
    • 2 sessions
    • Zoom webinar

    If you registered for this event and misplaced your Zoom log-in link,
    contact the chapter VP for Programming for assistance.

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