2020 and 2021

Angela Rogers - VP of Programming

It was a very tight race but Angela's willingness to be a team player, her diligence with her work and participating in events with National ATD are what made her stand out for Board Member of the Year 2020 and 2021. 

Angela will be serving as our Chapter President for 2022. She hails from Penn State where she works and is a student. We are happy to work with Angela and are excited that she is on our team. 

To learn more about Angela please see below.

What motivates you to volunteer on the ATD PGH Board?

When I joined the chapter, I wanted to be an active member, get to know folks, and share my expertise.  I offered to "help" on the areas I was interested in and was offered the position of Director of Orientation.

Here is the approach I use - when I see a situation where I think I have an idea to help, I'm willing to offer it. Maybe it gets rejected (which I don't take personally); maybe it gets accepted; maybe it needs some refining. I'm all for it, and I love to collaborate with others. I see teamwork and negotiating different interests as really strengthening ideas and execution. That's the experience I had this spring with helping organize the board strategic planning retreat and proposing the D&I program for early 2021.

Looking back on your many contributions to ATD PGH in 2020, what are you most proud of?

As the Director of Orientation, I'm proud of the upgraded welcome procedure we have in place with email templates in our Wild Apricot CMS. I have tried to make sure new or renewing members get their email within 48 hours. Wild Apricot keeps a log of all sent messages so we can keep track, and now the next Director of Orientation can take over and build upon that.

 For the Board Member retreat, we had just come through some major challenges and we needed to regroup and be deliberate in where to put our energy going forward. I made a suggestion along the lines of, "I think we should do this ...," then others jumped in and said, "yes and I'll help, too!" With that kind of self-motivated and expert team, my role was mostly to facilitate: setting a schedule, creating a shared workspace, documenting decisions, communicating progress, and resolving differences into agreement. That was very rewarding to me.

In your new role as VP of Programming, what can the L&D community do to support your efforts and vision?

We would really appreciate hearing from our members.  Please ask for the programming you want; refer experts you know to be speakers for us, participate in and help promote our chapter programming through your networks, and evaluate our efforts.

I'm excited about the type of programs we bring to the L&D community and what we have planned already.  For instance, I’m passionate about the D&I program.  I have written several articles on DEI and am looking forward to collaboration with others who bring subject matter expertise and perspective on this important topic.  

Any thoughts you would like to pass on to our chapter members?

The opportunity to be of service to the chapter has been so rewarding for me. If you're wondering whether you have something to offer and would it be worth your time to be more actively engaged, the answer is, "yes!"

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