Who are you:            Keith Kuckenbrod                                      

Where do you currently work:             Thomas Automotive

What is your role at work:                Director of Talent Management

How many years in L&D:   4 years                 

How long have you been a member of ATD Pittsburgh? 4 years

How has your career benefited from being a member of ATD Pittsburgh? The connections I made through ATD Pittsburgh as well at the ATD Conference have been influential and helped me through networking and shared resources. We have a wealth of knowledge among our Talent Development community!

Any tips and advice for new members? Get involved! Network! Learn from our shared resources within our Talent Development community at ATD Pittsburgh.

What do you love most about being in the Talent Development field? My background is in Education and Human Resources, so I love that my job incorporates aspects of both of those passions. I love helping people and ensuring they feel competent and confident in their roles.

Fun fact that people probably don’t know about me? I am a professional musician in the Johnstown-Somerset-Greensburg area playing sax, clarinet, oboe, and English horn.

What excites you right now in the Talent Development field? AI comes to top of mind and how we can harness its power to address training and development needs.

As an L&D professional, what is “top of mind” for you for the ATD Pittsburgh Chapter/industry, now in 2023 and moving forward? Ensuring our members know what we have to offer and how to access our resources and connect with other members.

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